Lands design open for render engines like Vray for Rhino?

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Hi Micha,
That's great, although I am a little puzzled as to how you create materials with multiple layers and then apply transparencies to them.  Is this a function only available to vRay, or is it possible in nXt?
Do you know of any handy tutorials that might explain this further?

Images on your website are awesome btw.



Micha said:

@Albert: a solution for Vray is on the way, the developer are implementing a solution, I will write which will work. It will be implemented in one of the nightly betas and official released with the next update in the next time. So far the current state. :)

Hi Albert, I tested the last nightly build ... integrated alpha map of textures is supported only yet.

@Andrew: I created the transparency for the exteriors so:
* screenshot from the top view of Rhino
* use this as background layer at photoshop and paint black areas at white layers for the different material layers
* create a multilayer material at Vray, for example with grass, sand ... and use the created transparency layers for the different materials

Now it's complete, the last nightly build of VfR 1.5 support Rhino transparency maps and maps with alpha channel. :)

Good! It's more than we needed.
I'll be waiting for a public release to test it.

The public is released!!! :)

Works fine! Thank you very much!

Micha, good news!
We have been in talks with the developer of nXt and Lands Design is going to use the nXt plant generator for all render engines as you suggested.
The last WIP released some hours ago is already doing it.

Great news. :)

Which version I should download - single package?

Yes, Single package, that's enough.

which vray version can be used to work the lands maps design?

1.50.225 or later

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