A new WIP version is available for download.

What's new:

  • New Walk mode, “FPS” style, that let’s you walk over the Terrain or fly free.
    • Move the mouse to control the look at direction and use the keyboard arrows (or A/D, W/S keys) to control the position.
    • Press SPACE to switch between Walk and Fly.
    • Press “+” and “-” to control the walker’s height.
    • Use the mouse wheel to increase/decrease the walking or flying speed. Press the center button to set the default speed.
    • Keeping the right button pressed the mouse wheel will zoom in/out and the center button will set the default lens length.
  • New commands to tag/untag as Terrain any existing mesh object. You can access them through the Lands edit panel, in the context menu section.
  • Many changes in the Zonify command: Zones can now be shown in 2D (hatch) and 3D (solid surface), so that you can use render materials on them; now you can create a Zone from a set of selected curves, and not only by picking an interior point; now you can choose whether to show or hide the Zone label, and if the label will include the area value; label’s text can now have multiple lines...
  • New command to copy an existing object over a different path curve. It can be used to create new Fences, Walls, Rows, Pahs, Stairs, etc. using the properties of the source object.
  • Now it’s possible to add/remove holes to the Forest boundaries in order to get areas without trees.
  • 3D instead of Billboard is now the default selection for the Realistic Plant 3D display on new documents.
  • Now the installer installs all the billboards needed for the .ArPlantX files included.
  • 90 days of use before expiration, instead of the 60 days of previous WIPs.

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