A new WIP version is available for download.

What's new:

  • Image Filters Application. Lands now incorporates some Image Filters to get more spectacular results from the rendered images or from the view capture. The effects available include: Soften Portrait, Ink Sketch and Oil Painting, each one with its own parameters. You can apply more than one filter to the image, change the application order and activate/deactivate them individually. You can access the Image Filters Application from the Lands Design drop-down menu, or directly calling the _laImageFilters command.
  • Plants Paint command. New command to insert single Plants like if you were painting. As you move the cursor, the Plants are automatically placed in a triangular grid. You can change at any moment the Plant properties, like if you were changing the brush. You can also apply a Natural variation percentage on the size of the inserted Plants. And there is an option to Erase instead of Paint. Fun and useful! You can access it from the Lands Design drop-down menu, or directly calling the _laPlantsPaint command.
  • Hatch properties in Plant Shadows. Now you can use any hatch pattern for Plant Shadows to get more kinds of shadows and not only a solid color.
  • Now you can create a Zone by selecting a surface instead of the limit curves.
  • User’s Guide (in English) compatible with the Rhino Help panel. It’s still not complete (near 80%), but it covers the basics and more.
  • Allowed to run on standard Rhino sessions. Now you can load Lands Design without launching Rhino from the Lands Design desktop icon. It also allows to have loaded Lands Design and VisualARQ at the same time. Though it is no longer required, you can still use the Lands Design desktop icon to run Lands with its own Rhino scheme, its own colours and starting with the Lands Design template.
  • Lands Design is no longer available for Rhino 4.
  • Fixed an error in the license that was causing a license failure in some computers.

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