I am having a couple issues with the way Lands Beta creates/assigns layers.

1. In the Rhino Options window, under Document Properties, there is an option dialog for "Lands Design," then below that is the "Layers" option dialog. All drop-downs for assigning layers are grayed-out and inaccessible.

2. In the Rhino Options dialog, under Rhino Options, there is an another option for "Lands Design" then a sub-level named "Layers." Within this Layers dialog there are options to type in layer names and select a color next to each Lands object type. There is no drop-down to assign the Lands object type a layer that has already been created (ie from a set of layer standards).

This seems like bug, possibly interference from leftover parts of Lands Design XIII. Since I use a template that already contains NCS layer standards for Landscape design, I would like to be able to select the appropriate layer from a drop-down.

Please let me know if this is possible.


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When Lands objects are created they can be inserted directly on a specific layer based on the object type. For example, plants can be inserted in a "Planting" layer, terrains on a "Site" layer, etc.

This is customizable.

The Layers Tab in the Options dialog (not Document properties) lets you define the parameters used to create new layers on new Rhino documents for each Lands objects type. You can choose the name and the color used to create these layers, and even if you wish or not to use a specific layer for that kind of objects. But these options have no effect on the layers already created on existing documents. These parameters are only used when an object of a specific type is inserted on a Rhino document for the first time and there isn't still a layer assigned (or not) to that type of objects.

As you insert more and more objects of different types, new layers are being created. But you can still change at any moment the layer assigned to each type of objects for the current Rhino document. This is done from the Document properties. A grayed layer means that there isn't still any layer assigned to that object type, cause it has not been needed yet.

So, it's not a bug. But any idees to simplify all this will be welcome.

In your case, if you already have a template with all the layers you need already created, the better is to uncheck all layers in the Rhino Options > Lands > Layers, to prevent the creation of more layers. Then you can start inserting objects and then assigning the appropriate layer from the Document properties.

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