Really liking some of the new functionality, but there are still some issues on some older problems that seem yet to be fixed.
-Some trees are rendering with their trunks detatched at the base. It is mainly on species that split off into multiple trunks. I have attached an image.
-When we have a sub-menu in our custom Urban Furniture list, the folder names arent showing in the library (image also attached)
-Is there any plan to enable the ability to add the image of urban furniture items in a listing (instead of the line drawing) to help illustrate products better?
-The Plant Photo window from the Documentation menu just shows blank when selecting a plant.
-IS there a plan to add simple grass into the Partierre library? Something that represents short lawn grass would be perfect.

Many thanks,

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Thanks Andrew!
The problem with the trunks scaling in bad ways was solved in Flamingo nXt 5.0
The latest Service Release of Flamingo nXt (version 3) does not include the fix, so the problem will be always there.
Though, there are still some issues related to the trunk width in Flamingo nXt 5.0. It looks like the scaling procedure tries to increase or decrease the "madurity" of the plants according to their size, increasing the trunk and the foliage density for big plants, and the contrary for small ones. But something is failing in Conifers and Wide trees.

Lands is also able to generate nXt plants to be rendered in any other Renderer a part of Flamingo, for example VRay. When the plants are generated by Lands, none of these problems appear cause Lands does a simple scaling of the geometry. If you wish, you can let Lands to generate the plants even on Flamingo, by deselecting the following option in the Document Render properties:

Regarding to the use of images on Lists, we are still studying how to implement it. We have not forgotten it.

Plant Photos should work. They are taken from Google, if you select this option on the bottom part of the image selection dialog. Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Hi Albert,
Great to hear from you.
I was hoping not to update to Flamingo 5, I've heard quite a few issues from others in our company with regards applying textures and alterations to workflows.
Maybe this will change my mind!

Please see below screenshot showing the blank plant image dialogue box. It seems to know what it needs to look for, but isn't showing anything in the window.

It should work. Try deleting the images cache. It's stored in the following folder:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Lands\Google Plant Images

Delete the entire folder. Then run Lands again.
Can you see the images now?

That seemed to work, although only when I deselect the Google Images tick box...

Many thanks

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