Vegetation Element Insertion


Inserts species to locate isolated specimens or small groups.


Plant Row

Distributes specimens along a line, polyline, arc or spline in two ways: specifying the number of trees or specifying the distance among them.



Randomly distributes a specific number of specimens selecting a closed boundary or a hatch pattern.



Automatically inserts shrubs specifying the distribution mode: linear meter, square meter or array.



Selects a specific parterre and inserts it in a user-defined boundary (irregular).



Civil Work Elements

Dwarf Wall/Hedge

Inserts rectangular section walls, both straight and curved, that will be used to divide the garden or park into sectors for different uses.



Inserts fences and allows to customize component elements, such as distances among elements. 



Generates stairs along an axis and includes settings to specify the slab dimensions and longitudinal and vertical distance between slabs.



Paths, curbs and sidewalks will be generated by extruding a profile curve along an axis.



Generates a facade with openings from polylines and closed boundaries.


Element Row
Arrays blocks along a curve o polyline.


Block Library

You can preview and insert 2D and 3D blocks into the drawing area.



Terrain Modeling

Google Earth Import

Imports elevation data from the Google Earth window



Generates a terrain mesh from a set of contour curves using the Delaunay Triangulation method, and allowing the user to smooth the mesh using a gridded surface and specifying the cell size.


Pick/Delete Mesh Boundaries
Specifies a closed boundary to define the mesh boundary.


Add New Contour Curves
Selects contour curves that were not part of the mesh initially.


Add Gap
Creates a gap in the mesh from a closed boundary.


Add Cut-And-Fill
Generates Cut-And-Fill's in the mesh created after specifying its angle.


Change Clearing Cut-And-Fill
Once a Cut-And-Fill has been made on the terrain, you can modify the slope you want to give it.


Delete Contour Curve
Deletes contour curves previously inserted.


Calculate Earthmoving Volume
You can calculate the volume of the earthmoving operations.


Divide Terrain Mesh
Divides in submeshes the tridimensional mesh generated with the Terrain command.



Watering System

Sprinkler Insertion and Definition
Inserts sprinklers after specifying its basic features.


Pipe Insertion and Definition
Inserts pipes after selecting and specifying its basic features.


Generate Sprinkler Array

Allows sprinklers to be distributed in a square or triangular array.




Plant Database

You can access the plant list to print tabs with documentation.


Automatic listing generation for:

plants, urban furniture, sprinklers, pipes and zoning.


Automatic update of every listing

If a tree is added or deleted, the information in the table will be updated when it is specified.


Listing export to excel or html
Listings created by RhinoLands can be exported to Excel so that they can be opened from a cost estimating software.


Tag Plants

Each plant can have a tag specifying the ID or Species code and the number of specimens inserted.


Level Dimension Insertion
Inserts the block that specifies the terrain Z dimension in a point on the plane.


Space Zoning
Inserts different hatch patterns with a user-defined scale to distinguish different regions in the green area. It also adds a label specifying the area.



You can specify the coordinates where the trees are located based on previously defined axes.  


Element Editing

2D/3D Block Converter
Changes the block display from 2D to 3D (or the opposite) as needed for the plane representation.


Adjust Elevation
Moves one or more elements along Z axis keeping the other two coordinates fixed.


Adjust to Zero Dimension:
After selecting some elements, it changes their Z coordinate to Z=0.


Elevate to Terrain

Moves one or more elements along Z axis to the terrain surface.


Show/Hide Control Curves
Shows control curves to be able to modify the position of any of the points.



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