Drawing Tools

RhinoLands offers a robust set of drawing tools tailored for CAD users, making it an enticing choice for landscape design. With RhinoLands, users can easily draw, edit, and merge forms using familiar commands like Line (L), Polyline (PL), Trim, Offset, and more. These tools allow for precise control and efficient creation of intricate designs.

What sets RhinoLands apart is its intuitive landscape design environment, where CAD expertise seamlessly transitions into powerful landscape modeling. Whether you’re sketching out paths, defining boundaries, or sculpting terrain, Rhino provides the tools necessary to bring your vision to life with precision and ease.

For CAD users accustomed to other programs, Rhino’s drawing tools offer a seamless transition. The familiarity of commands like Line and Trim ensures that users can leverage their existing skills without a steep learning curve. This makes Rhino an attractive option for those seeking a CAD platform that effortlessly adapts to their expertise.