Grading Operations

The grading tools in RhinoLands encompass a range of functionalities tailored for both road engineers and landscape architects:

Add Hole: Easily create depressions or excavations in the terrain, allowing for the incorporation of features such as ponds, lakes, or drainage basins.

Cut & Fills: Adjust the elevation of the terrain by cutting into it (removing material) or filling it (adding material), enabling precise manipulation of the landform to accommodate road construction, building foundations, or landscaping features.

Pick Boundary: Define the boundary of the terrain area to be graded, providing control over the specific region where grading operations will be applied.

Divide Terrain: Divide the terrain into segments or sections, facilitating targeted grading operations on specific areas of interest, such as creating terraces or addressing variations in slope.

These grading tools empower users to efficiently shape and mold the terrain to meet design requirements, whether it involves optimizing road layouts, sculpting landscape features, or managing drainage. With RhinoLands’ intuitive interface and comprehensive grading capabilities, engineers and architects can achieve precise and effective terrain modifications, leading to successful project outcomes.