RhinoLands / Lands Design 许可证模式

RhinoLands / Lands Design 有四种许可证模式:


评估期间到期后,Lands Design 在查看器模式下运行。 发生这种情况时,您可以打开并保存包含 Lands Design 对象的文档,但一些功能已停用。


所有 Lands Design 功能在试用期内完全正常运行。 不需要产品密钥。

网络(仅限于 Rhino)

Lands Design Zoo 插件使您可以在同一网络工作组上的用户之间共享 VisualARQ 许可证(产品密钥)。 当 Lands Design 作为工作组节点安装,而不是独立安装时,其工作方式如下:
  • 当工作组节点启动时,其向 Zoo 请求许可证。
  • 将未使用的许可证分配到该节点。
  • 当节点关闭时,许可证将返回到 Zoo 许可证池。

Cloud (only in Rhino)

Use a Lands Design license acquired from the Cloud Zoo server. The Cloud Zoo server is a free service provided by McNeel that lets you manage the Lands Design license online.
  • For individual users, use the Rhino Accounts login to use Lands Design on any computer worldwide.
  • For corporations and schools, Cloud Zoo can simplify license distribution. Organizations can create a pool of licenses and share the licenses with team members.
  • Work online or offline. No need to check out licenses, so you should not be caught out on the road without a license.
  • Licensing will even work without a constant internet connection.
More information about Cloud Zoo