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Organize the project by layers

Drawing Tools

Easily draw, edit, and merge forms with familiar commands like Line (L), Polyline (PL), Trim, Offset, etc. Apply your CAD expertise seamlessly in this intuitive landscape design environment.

Design with 2D drafting tools

Free Form Geometry

Craft surfaces effortlessly with various options like curves, boundaries, and points. Shape designs freely with filleting, chamfering, push and pull tools. Transform surfaces into 3D geometry or choose primitives.

Customize workspace appearance

Easy Editing Tools

Refine your drawings and 3D models effortlessly with powerful tools like Boolean, Join, Push & Pull, and Scale. Shape and enhance your creations with precision, bringing your vision to life.


Import Terrain Data

Import Terrain Model, 3D Buildings and Roads

Import 3D terrain by pinpointing the site location on the map. Similarly, import buildings and roads using the same method.

Import 3D Buildings

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

You can import DEM files to analyze and assess the characteristics of the landscape.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Create Terrain from Points and Curves

This feature enables you to create and modify a terrain by having only 2D/3D curves, Meshes, or elevation points as data. You can elevate curves easily applying its specific command.

Import Terrain Data

Grading Operations

Do grading and all earth-moving operations such as cut & fills, add hole, create path, etc. easily.

Import 3D Buildings

Adjust the Objects to Terrain

Vegetation and elements conform to terrain, automatically positioning over its surface. Designate any object as terrain for precise placement on desired surfaces.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Calculate & List the Volume of Earth-moving

Easily quantify soil volumes by selecting terrain. Generate automatic lists detailing earth-moving operations, streamlining your design process with divisions, holes, cuts, fills, and banks.


Import Terrain Data

Add Parametric Fences

With this feature you can create fences to enclose spaces or simply decorative fences with an infinite number of possible designs.

Import 3D Buildings

Wall Tool

RhinoLands enables you to create curved or straight walls, kerbs and hedges to decorate garden areas or define the project boundary.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Path Tool

You can quickly create the paths and trails that connect the different parts of a project. The Path tool also enables you to create an extension of any profile for creating geometries like an organic bench.

Import Terrain Data

Add Parametric Stairs

This feature enables you to create curved or straight parametric stairs that define the vertical circulations of the design.

Import 3D Buildings

Urban Furniture Library

Discover numerous 3D furniture blocks. Add more from SKP and other formats. The program compiles and lists them efficiently for project management.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Parametric Ramp

Utilize RhinoLands’ Ramp object to craft ramps with precise slopes and tailored parameters, giving you full control over the design process.


Import Terrain Data

8000+ Species Database for Plant Selection

Discover a vast plant database with 8000+ species. Insert plants with detailed 2D/3D displays and botanical descriptions. Utilize smart filters for tailored landscape designs.

Import 3D Buildings

Customize your Plant

Accessible 3D plant files for creating new ones or editing plants included in the library. Customize your own plants with specific characteristics and their seasonal changes.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Insert Plants in Different Ways

Insert plants individually, in rows, or in groups using the Forest tool. Specify shrubs or ground covers and the number per unit. Combine various species in rows or forests.

Import Terrain Data

Vertical Garden

There are species specifically designed to create vertical gardens.

Import 3D Buildings

Display Modes & Seasonality

The plant library offers various display modes, such as conceptual, detailed, realistic, and elevation. Within the library, deciduous trees in their realistic form can exhibit varying leaf colors, flowers, or bare branches, reflecting the changing seasons for vegetation viewing.
Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Massive Plant Handling

In projects with a large number of plants, an option to switch 3D plant models with billboards is available for improved performance, without sacrificing the quality of the final render.

Import Terrain Data

Topiary Art

Topiary Tool: The topiary tool introduces a new dimension of creativity to garden design by allowing designers to transform any 3D shape into a piece of topiary art.

Import Terrain Data

Irrigation System

Sprinkler Placement offers precise insertion and configuration of sprinklers. Design piping networks effortlessly, with automatic linking options. Streamline scheduling by quantifying system details for optimal performance.


Import Terrain Data

Drafting Tools

Craft dimension plans, mark slopes and elevations, and effortlessly add labels wherever you need to include notes or information with our versatile drafting tools.

Import 3D Buildings

Automatic Listing Generation

Generate plant, furniture, Terrain, irrigation, wall, Path, Fence, and zoning lists by marking insertion points on the plan. Lists update automatically with project modifications, exportable to Excel for analysis.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Tag Plants Individually or in Groups

This feature enables you to tag plants to be able to quickly identify each species in the landscape planting plan.

Import Terrain Data

Add Photos to Plan

Elevate the artistic essence of your landscape design by effortlessly incorporating species photos with our user-friendly tool.

Import 3D Buildings

Defining Project Areas with Zonify

Utilize Zonify command to establish project areas effortlessly. Insert labeled zones with details like name, area, 2D hatch pattern, and rendered view material for comprehensive visualization.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Section Tool

Make your model sections, using clipping planes you can move through the model, and capture the best section lines.

Import 3D Buildings

Layouts for Final Prints

Create stunning print layouts. Layout settings enable captivating presentations and comprehensive documentation preparation. Designs are print-ready, ensuring a polished showcase for clients.


Import Terrain Data

Sun Animation

Harness sun animation for real-time sunlight dynamics and shadow projections. Gain insights into how they affect vegetation, empowering landscape architects with design precision.

Import 3D Buildings


RhinoLands offers the flexibility to choose between its internal rendering engine or popular options like Lumion, Enscape, V-Ray, and Twinmotion. Easily assign textures for stunning, realistic renderings that impress clients.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Immersive Panoramas, Tours, and Animations

Enhance designs with 360º Panoramas, Virtual Tours, and Animated Walkthroughs in RhinoLands. Compatible with Enscape and VRay, it offers dynamic visualization for immersive landscapes.

Import Terrain Data

Visualize the Season Simulation

Dive into the dynamic realm of season simulation. Witness the unfolding seasonal changes within your project’s vegetation, offering a detailed exploration of spatial structure and the annual evolution of greenery in your design.

Import 3D Buildings

Dynamic Perspectives: Craft Your View

Immerse yourself in the illusion of depth and space by effortlessly adjusting the camera viewpoint for a compelling visual experience. Save and name your view for future rendering endeavors.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

3D Printing

Transform your digital designs into tangible reality! Export your model to STL and send it to a 3D printer, turning your concept into a physical maquette for a captivating and hands-on presentation.


Import Terrain Data


Select metric or imperial templates in RhinoLands for streamlined design processes. Customize plant databases and object layers for enhanced design features and organizational efficiency.

Import 3D Buildings

Easy-to-use toolbar

Effortlessly create objects with RhinoLands toolbar icons, designed for speed and efficiency. Its organized structure ensures easy access to all needed commands.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Switch between 2D/3D

Switch seamlessly between 2D and 3D environments with interconnected capabilities. Work effortlessly in 2D, then witness your model come to life in 3D. Objects feature dual displays for comprehensive design.


Import Terrain Data


RhinoLands facilitates data exchange with over 50 supported file formats. Effortlessly import any design file format, as RhinoLands adeptly reads more than 50 types, encompassing point clouds, pdf, dwg, skp, and beyond.

Import 3D Buildings


Explore various avenues of interoperability between Rhino and Revit with the cutting-edge Rhino.Inside technology. Discover new possibilities in seamlessly connecting these powerful design platforms.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)


Maximize teamwork by breaking large projects into manageable files. Worksessions enable one user to edit while others view, promoting seamless collaboration. External references empower multiple users for efficient teamwork.

Import Terrain Data

External References

Enhance collaboration with Rhino by seamlessly integrating files of any format as external references, facilitating visualizing and developing various project aspects collaboratively.

Import 3D Buildings

IFC Support

RhinoLands streamlines the import and export of IFC files, fostering seamless collaboration between Rhino and other AEC software packages like ArchiCAD and Revit.

Import Terrain Data

DWG File Compatibility

No matter if you’re utilizing AutoCAD, or other CAD programs, RhinoLands offers comprehensive compatibility with DWG drawing files. Import your DWG files effortlessly into RhinoLands and seamlessly transition into 3D modeling, visualization, and project documentation with ease.


Import Terrain Data

Parametric Design Using Grasshopper

Grasshopper empowers designers to connect objects using algorithms, simplifying the automation of creating parametric objects like walls, plants, or terrains within Grasshopper, and effortlessly integrating them into projects.

Import Terrain Data

Landscape Integration in Grasshopper

Effortlessly reference vegetation elements, paths, terrains, and various objects within Grasshopper to extract their data, facilitating the development of personalized tools in the parametric design workflow.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Environmental Analysis Workflow

RhinoLands elements can be linked with environmental databases for conducting analyses such as Carbon sequestration.Grasshopper add-ons enhance environmental analysis, covering data management, solar radiation, cooling effects, and more.


Import Terrain Data

Flexible Licensing Options

We provide two flexible licensing options tailored to suit various needs. The perpetual license entails a one-time payment, while the yearly subscription option offers streamlined billing and budgeting. Additionally, the monthly subscription is perfect for occasional users.
Import Terrain Data

Floating licenses

RhinoLands supports floating licenses (in Rhino version) using Cloud Zoo or Rhino Zoo, which simplifies the license distribution among School and professional users.

Import Digital Elevation Model (DEM file)

Educational and LAB licenses

RhinoLands is available at a reduced price for students, teachers and universities.

RhinoLands Workflow

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