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Upgrades requires a previous RhinoLands or Lands Design license.

Upgrades requires a previous RhinoLands or Lands Design license.

How is

RhinoLands used?

How is RhinoLands used?

Bird's eye view of the Canal Park project. Big green areas mixed with water areas.

Landscape Architecture

 Landscape design projects in different scales and sectors can be easily provided by RhinoLands. It’s your powerful tool in the design process for generating 2D layouts, 3D models and realistic images and videos.

View of a viaduct covered with vertical gardens created with Lands Design.

Green Infrastructure

Natural areas can act as an infrastructure, protecting the built environment from pollutions, water flooding or excessive heat. RhinoLands gives you the power to add vertical gardens, green roofs and green areas to your architectural and civil engineering projects.

Bird's eye view of the Canal Park project. Big green areas mixed with water areas.


The powerful terrain, forest and irrigation tools accompanied with hardscape tools, can be used in design process and modeling of forests in silviculture sector. BIM technology visualizes seasonal change and annual growth of plants.

Proposal for a public space with play area, benches and trees.

Urban Planning

Urban vegetation plays a key role in improving the quality of the built environment. In introducing plants as essential natural elements in urban planning projects, RhinoLands helps you to design public spaces, joint with green areas, lets you choose the adequate plant selection and visualize the urban area in different seasons.

View of the Villa Savoye project with its green area around.

CG Artists

RhinoLands can be applied for generating an environment for computer graphics (CG) artists. You can create 2D and 3D game assets to be used in developing video games, 3D visualization, and digitally animated films.

Why use


Why use RhinoLands

Maximize Your Project with BIM/LIM

Experience intelligent elements like vegetation, hardscape, and terrains for effortless editing and meticulous documentation, streamlining quantity assessments.

RhinoLands generates linked 2D technical drawings, tightly integrated with the 3D model and accompanying documentation. Unleash the potential of RhinoLands for superior project management.

Dynamic 2D Documentation:

Effortlessly turn 2D sketches into 3D projects. Generate precise technical plans from your 3D model, adding dimensions, labels, and annotations. Organize your project with the layer manager and produce various layouts. Use listing tools for quick quantity take-offs. RhinoLands simplifies your documentation process.

Bring Your Project to Life:

Immerse your audience with realistic images, virtual tours, and animated videos. Showcase your project in stunning detail—walkthrough, simulate vegetation changes, and animate sunlight.

In addition to Rhino render, you can integrate your preferred render engine for breathtaking visual presentations, such as Enscape, Lumion, V-Ray, Twinmotion, and more. RhinoLands transforms your project experience.

Dynamic Terrain and Grading Tools

Craft 3D terrains and perform precise grading tasks using RhinoLands. Generate terrains from topographic contours, meshes, and point clouds, or import them from satellite maps.

Refine terrains by adding cuts, fills, paths, and holes, and effortlessly calculate area and volume movements. With RhinoLands, manipulate terrain and grading with ease, ensuring optimal project precision.

Extensive Plant Database in 3D/2D:

Access over 8000 plant species in our comprehensive database. Easily find the perfect fit for your site by filtering based on criteria such as climate, soil type, wind resistance, and flowering characteristics. Each plant species offers customizable 2D and 3D display modes, ready for rendering, plan exporting, and season/growth simulation.

Enhance Your Design Workflow with Parametric Design:

Automate tasks for vegetation, terrains, and civil elements, saving time and offering custom functionalities. Utilize Grasshopper, fully integrated into RhinoLands, for swift testing of various design options.

Improved Interoperability:

Import and export files effortlessly across platforms with RhinoLands’ support for various formats. Integrate web block libraries with ease. Transition your project into virtual reality, prepare for 3D printing or export for web browsers. Experience versatile sharing options.

RhinoLands is standalone software.

Lands Design (as a plugin) is Available for Rhino, AutoCAD and Civil 3D

Lands Design works on top of Rhino and AutoCAD / Civil 3D and takes advantage of all their features to complete all stages of a landscape project.

A 3D model of a rhino head representing the Rhinoceros3D logo.


A 3D model of a rhino head representing the Rhinoceros3D logo.


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As an architect I mostly use Lands Design for its easy to use topography tools. It provides a solid base on which to lay out the foundation of my projects.

Teun Knegsel

Architect, Technische Universiteit Delft

I am a civil engineer and I use Lands Design for permaculture design. I am very pleased with the latest developments of Lands Design, among them the tremendous import terrain from the map. I truly appreciate the user-friendliness of this program.

Denis Fréhel

Co-founder, Qui Plus Est design studio

I’m using Lands Design for landscape design production. It allowed me to streamline and automate the design process from the concept idea to the elaboration of the 3D model and producing the technical plans.

Rosana Almuzara Bertolucci

Landscape Architect, Paisajismo Digital

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