Lands Design Video Tutorials

In the following video tutorials, you will learn the main features of Lands Design (for Rhino version), while developing a landscape project. The videos are organized by topics.

Download the file to start following this tutorial here.


Tutorial 0: RhinoLands Interface Basics

This tutorial goes through the toolbars and dialogs of RhinoLands.

  • 0:00​ Standard Toolbar
  • 2:44​ Main Toolbar Group
  • 4:45​ Side Toolbar
  • 5:26​ Command Line
  • 6:43​ Status Toolbar and Osnaps Toolbar
  • 7:37​ Panels and containers

The tutorials below currently showcase Lands Design as a plugin within the Rhino interface. They will be updated to reflect the new standalone interface shortly.

Tutorial 1: Lands Design interface

This tutorial goes through the toolbars and dialogs of Lands Design.

  • 0:00​ Introduction
  • 0:49​ Launching Lands Design
  • 1:52​ Toolbars
  • 4:26​ Edit panel
  • 8:57​ Properties explorer
  • 9:20​ Menu and contextual menu
  • 9:52​ Help guide

Tutorial 2: Terrain modeling tools

This tutorial shows the main tools to create, edit, and work with terrains with Lands Design. It also shows how to import terrains from the web or from DEM (Digital Elevation Model) files.

  • 0:00​ Introduction
  • 0:51​ Scan and import terrains from the web
  • 6:02​ Terrain from a DEM file
  • 8:02​ Create a new terrain
  • 14:42​ Pick boundary
  • 18:11​ Add contour
  • 19:29​ Add hole
  • 21:48​ Add cut and fill
  • 24:22​ Add path
  • 29:35​ Add division
  • 31:11​ List terrain information

Tutorial 3: Zones and Civil Work Objects

This tutorial covers the zonify command and the other tools to work with civil work objects.


Tutorial 4: Plant database and Vegetation

This tutorial covers the main features of working with vegetation elements and takes a deep look at the extensive Plant database.


Tutorial 5: Documentation tools

This tutorial covers the 2D documentation tools of Lands Design.


Tutorial 6 coming soon.