Lands Design Software Privacy Policy

Lands Design does not read any data from the end-user computer but for that related to the AutoCAD® installation in order to get registered on it. Lands Design does not collect or send any kind of user data from the end-user computer. Lands Design uses HTTP connections for:
  • Downloading support files from Asuni servers, like Plant Database images, Earth Elevation data, and Urban Furniture providers.
  • Downloading satellite imagery from Mapbox® servers.
  • Search for updates:
    • Lands Design anonymously sends the currently installed Lands Design version.
  • License validation:
    • License validation connections are secure (HTTPS).
    • The following personal information is sent when a license is validated: license key, email, name, and company.
    • A generated request code alphanumeric number is sent when a license is validated. This number includes a generated machine-id number that identifies the computer that is authorized to run Lands Design.
Lands Design does not analyze user behavior, nor send usage statistics anywhere.   AutoCAD is a registered trademark or trademark of Autodesk, Inc. MAPBOX is a trademark of MAPBOX, INC.