Enjoy the Lands Design 6 Upgrade Promo

Dear User,

We are excited to announce that Lands Design has been upgraded to version 6, packed with numerous new features and improvements.

Additionally, we are thrilled to introduce our new product: RhinoLands. This bundle combines Rhino and Lands Design into a standalone solution, featuring a user-friendly interface and including Rhino.

If you currently hold a license for Rhino 8 (or 7), you can enjoy the special launch discount on the Lands Design 6 Upgrade.

Enjoy the Upgrade Promo

Upgrade and unlock endless possibilities for your next masterpiece! All upgrades will have a special launch discount till the 28th of June.

  • Lands Design 6 Commercial Upgrade: 475 325€/$ 
  • RhinoLands Commercial Upgrade: 1070 920€/$ (Rhino 8 upgrade included)
  • Lands Design 6 Educational Upgrade: 55 €/$
  • RhinoLands Educational Upgrade: 150 €/$ (Rhino 8 upgrade included)

Set different display modes in each viewport

Some of New Features:

New plant symbols with more options: merge crowns, enable hatch, and change the color of the outlines

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