Australian Essence Park: Fusing Native Flora and Urban Leisure

Indulge in the captivating allure of an authentically Australian park, where the fusion of urban leisure and sustainable ethos creates a haven that safeguards the environment while enriching the community’s quality of life. This pioneering endeavor seamlessly weaves together indigenous Australian flora, crafting a dynamic public space that invites connection and enjoyment.

The design ingeniously divides the park into distinct zones, strategically interconnected through a seamless interplay of materials, textures, and indigenous plant life. Each zone possesses its unique character, yet collectively they form a cohesive narrative, woven together by the tapestry of local vegetation.

Design process with RhinoLands

The comprehensive management of this venture was expertly executed using RhinoLands, a versatile tool that empowered the realization of every facet. Initially, meticulous zoning delineated the project’s sectors, ensuring efficient allocation of space and optimal layout. Subsequently, the landscape was sculpted to embrace a gentle topographical slope, flawlessly integrating structural elements such as pathways, kerbs, and dwarf walls, all thoughtfully are modeled through the Wall and Path commands.

A crowning feature of the design, the captivating fan-shaped pergola, was meticulously formed utilizing the Row command, acting as the heart of the composition.

The vegetation composition was curated with precision, meticulously selecting indigenous Australian trees, palms, shrubs, and perennials. This orchestration gave rise to various elemental plant arrangements, including shrub groupings, forested enclaves, aligned plant rows, and standalone specimens, each choreographed through the Shrub and Forest commands, as well as the Plant Row and Plant commands.

Completing the landscape blueprint, a comprehensive catalogue of reference photos, supplemented by scientific nomenclature, breathed life into the plan, capturing the essence of the chosen species. Technical replanting strategies were meticulously outlined, encompassing species placement, dimensional specifications, and harmonious integration with project structures, as highlighted by the Dimension and Tag commands.

Lampposts and benches, thoughtfully selected from the Urban Furniture catalog seamlessly embedded within Lands Design, added the final touches, infusing practicality and aesthetics.

Culminating in a striking presentation, the project was immortalized through photorealistic aerial and pedestrian perspective elevations. The Enscape render engine played a pivotal role, conjuring scenes that radiate authenticity. With HDRI lighting, bespoke design, materials, and lifelike human presence, the images captured the project’s essence without any post-production intervention. This flawless result stands as a testament to the power of Enscape’s precision.

Project Summary

Designed by Landscape Architect: Rosana Almuzara Bertolucci (Paisajismo Digital)
Model: Rhino and Lands Design
Render: Enscape