Bioclimatic Regeneration Project in Haidari, Greece

Bioclimatic regeneration project in Haidary, Greece was an urban design project aimed at improving the quality of life of ‎urban residents by creating sustainable and resilient urban environments. The project concerns the bioclimatical regeneration of several green areas adapted to the ‎local climate and ecosystem. It was carried out in 2023.‎ ‎For this urban design project,a set of software programs used to model and visualize the project.

The project scale is the entire municipality of Haidari in Greece. It involves the regeneration of public spaces such as squares, school yards, and pocket ‎parks, as well as energy-saving intervention projects and energy-saving lighting projects.‎

Place: Haidari, Athens, Greece ‎

Project Owner: Municipality of Haidari, Greece

Project by: Legkikas Sokratis & Associates, CAD Academy, Athens.

Software application ‎

For the completion of the project in 2D and 3D designs Rhino 3D & Visual ARQ are applied. For ‎the representation of the landscape requirements, they worked with Lands Design and finally for renderings and ‎video presentation, Twinmotion is used.‎

Visualization of a Bioclimatic Regeneration‎ Project in Greece by Legkikas Sokratis & Associates, CAD Academy, Greece