Casa das Canoas

Casa das Canoas is one of the best examples of modern Brazilian architecture. Away from the center of Rio de Janeiro, the house is located to the south, in Canoas (Barra de Tijuca), on top of a mountain, and is surrounded by tropical vegetation and native plants.

The architectural work includes a large stone in the swimming pool. This stone element is also used in the house to connect the two floors, as the interior stairs are attached to the stone. Clearly, all the constructive elements that make up the Casa das Canoas have a sculptural presence, featuring the influence of Le Corbusier, the father of modern architecture.

  • Author of the project: Architect Oscar Niemeyer – Year 1951
  • The architectural modeling has been done with VisualARQ
  • The exterior design and the terrain modeling have been designed with Lands Design.
  • The rendering has been done with D5 Render (real time rendering).