Casa de Vidro

The Casa de Vidro stands as one of the pioneering examples of modern architecture, nestled amidst the verdant foliage of Morumbi, in the southern reaches of São Paulo, Brazil. This architectural masterpiece is an emblematic representation of Brazilian modernism, conceived with a clear intent to honor its natural surroundings and foster a seamless integration between architecture and nature. Central to this vision is the majestic tree that predates the house, around which the residence gracefully unfolds. Its transparent walls, supported by slender pillars, establish an intimate connection with the lush landscape that envelops it.

Recently, this iconic project has been meticulously modeled using VisualARQ and Lands Design within the Rhino environment. The envisioned planting plan and landscape design, orchestrated by the landscape architect, strive to either simulate the rejuvenation of the existing landscape or conceptually elevate its present state.

  • Project author: Architect Lina Bo Bardi – Year: 1951
  • The architectural modeling was accomplished using VisualARQ by Architect Affonso Orciuoli – RBFD Tecnologia.
  • The exterior design and terrain modeling were crafted with Lands Design by Landscape Architect Rosana Almuzara.
  • Rendering was executed with Enscape.