Italian Garden re-edition

This project is a reform of a previous design, which at the time had been rendered with V-Ray. In this case Enscape has been used to render the model. Enscape allows you to render the garden in real time, which also makes it possible to make changes to the design and see them instantly, being able to interact with the render as the design process progresses. This feature has great potential, by being able to work hand in hand with our client, implementing the changes suggested at that precise moment. The design of this garden has been enriched with the incorporation of some materials and ornamental elements from the library that Enscape provides: people, street furniture and some plant elements that Enscape offers, interact with Lands Design objects, making the composition much more attractive and versatile. The rendering process is very fast, resulting in images with a high degree of realism and definition. The 360-degree panoramic images are protagonists of the scene and deserve a separate comment, since it is possible to visit the garden and stop to observe the quality of the 3D plants offered by the Lands Design library.
The rendered project can be uploaded to the cloud and publicly accessed through a direct link, making it perfect for sharing with the client or other design team members. It is also possible to take an interactive 3D tour and explore the project, just using virtual reality glasses. In this way our client can explore the garden in the different phases of the design, before reaching the stage of the executive project. Checkout the panorama images directly in Flickr with the 360 viewer.
Our experience with Enscape, by considering our previous practice with other render engines, let us conclude that Lands Design is compatible with the most powerful rendering engines on the market. This possibility stress that Lands Design is a powerful tool for landscaping professionals. Author: Architect Rosana Almuzara Bertolucci – Paisajismo Digital SL