King’s Garden (Jardín del Rey), Madrid

This project was part of a course in the Master program of Historic Gardens and Ecosystem Services for green infrastructure, in the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). The course included the design and modeling of a historic garden. For the case study, the King’s garden located in the Royal Palace of Aranjuez of Madrid was selected. The idea was to restore the original design of this historic garden. The process is as follows:

1- Drawing the plan of the garden with AutoCAD.
2- Then, to model it in 3D, Lands Design is used to add surfaces, walls, hedges and plants to create the 3D model.
3- In order to have a final realistic result, Lumion is used as an AutoCAD compatible render software.

This real case study helped us demonstrate the full compatibility of programs used in this workflow, including AutoCAD, Lands Design and Lumion.

The project has been the result of the collaboration between the corresponding academic department of historic gardens at UPM, Lumion Spain, and Asuni Soft. The process and the results were shown in an online session with the Master students of UPM in July 2022.

Jardin del Rey, is modeled with Lands Design in AutoCAD, and rendered with Lumion12 by Lumion España