New Resellers

In order to become official reseller of Lands Design,

We ask you to:

  1. Read the reseller requirements:
    • Resellers must maintain up-to-date information about Lands Design on their website.
    • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We expect resellers to provide the same.
    • We include unlimited technical support for both dealers and end users.
    • Resellers may sell to end users or other resellers within their country. (To sell outside your country, contact Asuni CAD.)
  2. Fill out the reseller application.
  3. Arrange an online meeting with a member of Asuni team to see a full demo of Lands Design. Write to to arrange the meeting
  4. Order a Lands Design Reseller Starter Kit at the Asuni Store (Login details will be provided after filling the reseller application). (Not required if you are already a reseller of VisualARQ)
  5. Update your website with information about Lands Design. Use the marketing material for this purpose.

What we offer to you

  • Add your contact details at the sales page of our website, so customers can find you.
  • Support you in events, newsletter and other marketing strategies.
  • Close relationship for any kind of support.
  • A NFR Lab License of Lands Design (included in the Reseller Kit)
  • A NFR Lab license of VisualARQ

Our products

We offer two products with a range of licenses catering to various needs, from educational to commercial. These products fall into two categories:

  • RhinoLands: A standalone program (includes Rhino 8)
  • Lands Design plugin: Available in two versions – AutoCAD plugin and Rhino plugin.

Why RhinoLands?
We decided to develop our new program, RhinoLands, as a standalone solution that includes Rhino for several reasons:

Simplified Learning: New users who are unfamiliar with Rhino often struggle to learn both Rhino and Lands Design as a plugin. This dual learning process can hinder their ability to effectively grasp Lands Design.

Streamlined Interface: Rhino comes with numerous toolbars and features that extend beyond the realm of landscape design and modeling. This surplus of options adds unnecessary complexity to the learning curve, leading to user feedback about the steep learning curve.

Ease of Management: Managing two separate programs, including installation, updates, and compatibility, presents significant challenges for our users. This complexity undermines their overall user experience and productivity.

In response to these challenges, we concluded that developing a standalone solution incorporating Rhino was the most effective approach to address user needs and enhance usability.

Reseller Starter Kit

The Lands Design Reseller Starter Kit costs US$795 and includes:

  • One Lands Design Not For Resale LAB version for you.
  • One VisualARQ Not For Resale LAB version for you.
  • Two Lands Design commercial versions for resale.

Purchase options

We offer perpetual licenses for all license types, along with monthly and yearly subscriptions for commercial licenses, suitable for both temporary and long-term software use.

Why Subscription:
After analyzing the market over recent years, we’ve determined that incorporating the subscription option can increase our customer base.

We’ve introduced monthly and yearly subscriptions, catering to freelance landscape architects and small businesses. This provides them with enhanced affordability and flexibility, allowing for temporary software use, scalability, and access to the latest features without additional costs.

Subscription Sales Process

Upon request, each of our resellers will be provided with an affiliate link. This link will be showcased in their shop. When a client clicks on this link and completes a purchase through the Asuni Store, we can attribute the sale to the originating shop, ensuring that the reseller receives their commission payment.

Ordering and Price List

Only for resellers. Lands Design orders are managed online through the Asuni Store. The Asuni Store calculates reseller discounts based on quantity ordered and allows payment by credit card and wire transfer. You will receive a username and a log-in password as soon as you become a Lands Design reseller. Find the site at Asuni Store Find the list prices of Lands Design here.


Reseller discounts are based on quantity:

Commercial and educational perpetual Licenses
Quantity Discount
1 15%
2-9 25%
10+ 35%


Lab perpetual licenses and School Kits 
Quantity Discount
1+ 30%


Commercial subscriptions
To simplify subscription sales, each reseller will receive a unique link, ensuring accurate sales attribution and automated commission distribution. This approach minimizes payment-related complications.
1+ 20%


Find marketing material for your website, demos and presentations: