Change the color, texture and size of a block

Lands Design offers a library of blocks for your projects. Each block is assigned by default a 2D and 3D display in which you can make the following changes:

Change the color, texture or size of an inserted block in Lands

1. Open the 3dm file of the block in a new Rhino session. You can find the directory path of the file location, from the Block explorer dialog. These files are located in a protected folder, so you must open it in “read-only” mode.

The Lands Design block explorer with the section Urban Furniture selected.

2. Once opened, make the desired changes to the material or scale of the model. Save it as a new file.

3. Select the block to replace from the Lands Design edit panel. Under the Urban furniture tab, select the Change button to open the block explorer and select the recently created (modified) block.

A Lands Design wooden bench placed in a model.


Keep in mind that if you modify the dimension or proportion of a block in its 3D display, you must make the same adjustment in the 2D display and replace it accordingly.

A Lands Design wooden bench with the default material changed.