Convert a mesh or a surface into a terrain

Lands provides the option to tag an object as a terrain. This object can be a surface, a polysurface or a mesh. This option is available from the Lands Edit Panel, after selecting the object. Once the object is tagged, the plant species and other elements will detect it as a terrain and they will be placed on top of its surface. However, this object won’t have the same parametric features as a Lands Design terrain.

In any case, it is possible to create a Lands Design terrain from a surface and from a mesh in a few steps:

From a surface

  1. Run the _Contour command and select the surface as object for contours. Click Enter.
  2. Select the contour base point.
  3. Define the direction perpendicular to contours.
  4. Define the distance between contours.
  5. Hide the original surface (optional).
  6. Run the _laTerrain command, and select these contours as the terrain input data.

From a mesh

  1. Run the _ExtractPt command to get the mesh points.
  2. Run the _PointCloud command to create a Point Cloud from the previously gotten points.
  3. Run the _laTerrain command, using the Point Cloud as input data.