How to generate a hole in a terrain?

Holes or gaps are perforations on the terrain used to insert a swimming pool, pond, lake, etc. The holes are calculated from any type of closed curve, which will be used to mark the area removed. The elevation position of the curve will determine the depth of the hole. You can use the _laTerrainAddHole command to create holes. This command has got an option to create that hole as a division within the terrain.
  1. Pick a terrain. Press Enter or right-click when done.
  2. Select a closed curve defining if it will create a division within the terrain or not.
The hole will be created in the terrain.

The hole parameters can be edited from the Input data tab, in the Properties area of the Edit panel, under the Earthmoving list.

The control points of the terrain hole let you modify the hole elevation and the hole bottom boundary area. They are the same as those of the curve used for this operation. These control points are integrated into the terrain and are visible when activating the terrain control points.