I have a large scale project and I’m not working in 3D, how can I reduce the file size?

While you don’t need to share the .dwg files with other people not having Lands Design, the best option is to disable the PROXYGRAPHICS by typing the following in the command line: PROXYGRAPHICS 0

If you save a .dwg file when the PROXYGRAPHICS variable is 0, the geometry of Lands Design objects won’t be saved to the .dwg file, drastically reducing its size. AutoCAD needs this geometry to draw the objects when Lands is not loaded. But when Lands is present there is no need to store its geometry into the .dwg file. Once you have finished the project and want to share it, you can enable the variable again, or use the _laDeploy Lands command to generate a .dwg for delivery which contains only AutoCAD primitive objects.

Another thing to do is to purge the document. If you are just interested in a 2D plan, but have switched to 3D you may have unused 3D blocks. Run _Purge several times until nothing more can be purged.