Import and Export Procedure in Plant Database

When you modify a plant representation or its characteristics and save it in the plant database, you have the possibility to share it with your other team members.

First locate the file that contains you plant database in the following directory: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\AsuniCAD\Lands\Rhinoceros (64-bit)\Database
The file is called “plants.db” and it contains all the changes you have done in your plant database.

Once located you can share this file with others to use the same plant database as yours.


Replacing your plants.db file with another one will completely replace your current plant database for the new one.

There is also the possibility to share the same plant database file among several users by using a centralized content folder, as long as the users have access to a shared network. This option is available from the Lands Design menu > Options > Data sources tab:

Lands Design options dialog with the Data sources section visible and the Centralized content folder input highlighted.