The easy learning of landscape design

Learning landscape design with a 3D tool has converted to a highly demanded skill for landscape architects.  “How to start designing a landscape?”, “How to work in 3D?”, “I know Rhino but have no idea of how to work with it”, “What software should I use for landscape design?”
If any of the above is your concern, keep reading this post!

First of all, let’s see what could be the design solution. Rhino and Lands Design together, provide powerful tools for landscape design to create drawings, documentations, quantity take off lists of materials, and 3D.

Both programs have perpetual licenses without subscription fee or any additional costs. However, if you already have the AutoCAD license, you can start with the AutoCAD version of Lands Design.

The main issue for many professionals is the “learning curve”. You may say: ”I am not familiar with these programs.” We have worked to ease the learning curve for our new users.

If you are familiar with AutoCAD

Many 2D drawing skills you know from AutoCAD help you to work in a similar way in Rhino. Commands such as line, polyline, copy, offset, trim, etc. Surprise! Rhino reads AutoCAD files (dwg file format) in addition to +50 other file formats. Hence, you can directly open an AutoCAD file in Rhino and continue working on it. Then, you can finally save it as a dwg file to share with people who do not have Rhino.

How to learn

If you are a beginner in Rhino, learn it in the free online course of Rhino step by step. You just need to sign up on the Rhino3D platform.
To ease the learning, we recently started offering the online course of Lands Design for free on this platform. The course covers almost all the software features.

landscape design learning with an online course for free

The Lands Design course on Rhino3D education platform

The course structure

The course of Lands Design includes 14 sessions combined of video, practice files and instructions to practice.

How to practice

You need to practice to memorize what you have learned, for sure. If you already have AutoCAD or Rhino installed, install the corresponding version of Lands Design (Rhino or AutoCAD version). Remember, there is a 90-day free trial. If you don’t have any of these programs, the 90 day evaluation version of Rhino could be a good start point. Install Rhino as the main platform, and then install the Rhino version of Lands Design.

Course certificate

The course provides you the skills and material to develop a landscape design project. At the end of the course, if you deliver the requested project, we will provide you with the Course certificate, under some conditions.

Good luck with your new journey!