How to model a forest?

21 March is the International Day of Forests expressing the importance of conservation and reproduction of forests. There are many project that requires modelling the forests. With Lands Design you can model an existing or create a new forest which is planned to be cultivated. Modelling a forest requires 2 basic elements:

  1. 3D terrain of the forest
  2. Vegetation information: the list of plant species (at least trees), age and approximate distance of the trees

For the first element, the terrain, apply import terrain command in Lands Design. Indicate the location of the forest on the map and then, the 3D terrain of the selected area will be imported automatically. The program applies a global elevation database for generating the terrain.

Then, apply the forest command on Lands Design toolbar, select the plant species, the age, distancing or the total number. Indicate natural variation and rotation from edit panel. In addition, you may have a combination of various species through adding the number of elements from edit panel

A forest created with Lands Design