Lands Design, a powerful landscape design solution for Revit

Lands Design, together with Rhino, provides a complete software package for landscape design. Lands Design has unique advanced tools in site modeling, operations on topography and a wide vegetation tool set, that make it as a great landscape design complement for Revit users.  Rhino.inside.Revit is a plugin to transfer Rhino and Lands Design objects into Revit and vice versa. All operations you need to do with the topography of the site and grading, can be realized and quantified easily with Lands Design (in Rhino environment). Afterwards, with the Lands.inside.Revit workflow, you can transfer your Lands Design BIM models to Revit with just one click. We have prepared all necessary Grasshopper definitions, that let you make the transfer process just by a single click.  All BIM objects in Lands Design are transferred to Revit in their corresponding category. This video introduces a powerful BIM solution for landscape design in Revit. Watch this 2 minute video to discover how it works!