Happy New Year

Dear all Lands Design users,

Thank you for contributing to the Lands Design community in 2023. Let’s take a closer look at what we achieved this year before we plunge completely into 2024:

  • In this challenging climatic year, we take pride in having developed multiple workflows for environmental analysis. This includes a user-friendly process to calculate CO2 sequestration for a landscape modeled with Lands Design.
  • The version released this year was Lands Design 5.8. It included several user-friendly features, for instance:
    List of material: Filter contents by Region, and filter by Layer
    Raytraced display mode support for Rhino users
    Many new 2D & 3D blocks
  •  We participated in the International Federation of Landscape Architects IFLA – Europe, in which, we presented new workflows for the environmental analysis of a landscape project. See some of these workflows on our YouTube channel.
  • Lands Design inside Revit workflow could greatly improve the program’s BIM interoperability. Users can easily transfer their landscape project to Revit with a few clicks.
  •  We collaborated with several national landscape architecture associations worldwide.
  •  Let’s take a look at our most recent blog posts.
  • Our community is growing, thanks for your support and feedback!