“A Landscape Node”, a green infrastructure modeled with Lands Design

A green bridge is a green infrastructure playing as nature corridors for wildlife crossing. Landscape Node is a project by Alberto Ferrero de la Vaga, which provides a green bridge to connect 3 natural areas with a residential peripheral neighborhood in Madrid.

“A landscape node” designed by Alberto Ferrero, a green infrastructure in Madrid

Sustainability is considered ‌principal in all its concepts, and its architectural details. Ferrero developed an algorithm in Grasshopper that performed a sunlight analysis, a ‎detailed wind exposure analysis of each point on the hill, and an analysis of the impact of ‎highway emissions on the upper garden. These three cross-analyses gave a matrix of ‎points. Then, by using the plant database of Lands Design, the adequate plants got selected automatically.

Thanks to the Lands Design components in Grasshopper, the adequate plant species were immediately ‎placed in the optimal spot on the hill. ‎‎The whole design process, plans and documentations were done in Rhino by using Lands Design documentation tools.

Plant selection and placement based on environmental analysis by using algorithms

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