Neos·life: Innovating Sustainable Living in Alentejo, Portugal

Project Overview:

Neos·life is a groundbreaking concept in sustainable living, aiming to create a self-sufficient, lockdown-safe village for 1,000 people. This visionary project promises harmony with nature, self-sustained resources, and a strong sense of community. Key features include independent water and energy systems, an organic farm, a well-being and healing center, educational facilities, residences, and a retreat hotel and resort. Located in the scenic Alentejo region in Portugal, this project aims to birth a new civilization model. For more information, visit

Design and visualization of this project are made by: Landplanner:

The Brief:

The brief was to create a detailed map of the 410-ha property, showcasing existing and proposed features. This ‘vision’ map is intended to communicate the Neoslife concept to investors, collaborators, municipal bodies, and the general public.


Using RhinoLands and QGIS, a highly accurate 3D model was created remotely, utilizing precise topographic data from a LiDAR drone survey. This ensures that the model is highly representative of the real landform.


Some features are strategically placed based on sound reasoning. In contrast, others might be in sub-optimal positions due to the project’s tight two-week deadline, which was insufficient for comprehensive master planning of the 410-ha area. Additionally, some features are shown at an increased scale for better legibility.