How to create a vertical garden with Lands Design?

A set of plant species in the plant database are modeled with a special display for vertical gardens. Such displays include hanging branches and foliage.

To create a vertical garden, follow these steps:

  1. Run the _laForest command.
  2. When indicating the plant speciesfor the forest, filter the plant database by the “vertical garden” group, from the top left drop-down menu. Select the desired species and click OK to close the Forest Insert dialog.
  3. Select a vertical curve for placing the plants on it. Or draw the forest in a viewport where the construction plane is perpendicular to the XY plane.
  4. Finally, from the Lands Edit panel, you can add the number of elements and have a nice vertical garden with a diverse plant pallet. 

Alternatively, you can also use the _laGroundcover command to achieve a similar result. You just need to select a vertical curve when inserting the groundcover.

Vertical garden with Lands Design

Plants with vertical display in Lands Design