WIP XIII has been expired for a while, so I'm just curious about the status of WIP XIV. Could we expect to see something soon?
Thank you very much.

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Hi Brandon,
We are going to release the first Beta version in the next weeks.
Meanwhile, there is a WIP XIII "Bis" available that extends the usage period for another 90 days.
You can download it from the following form:


Thanks so much, Albert

unfortunately, this does not seem to solve the expired license problem.
Any other thoughts?

Hi Brandon,
there was a problem in the download form, and the link to the Single Package was redirected to the Render Package. Since the Single Package is the only one that have been updated (cause those of you who has the license expired don't need to download again Rhino and or Flamingo), it was impossible to get 90 days extra.
We have solved the problem. Now you just need to download and install the Single Package:


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