How to create a vertical garden with Lands Design?

Does plants placed on a vertical surface, appears like its normal appearance? Such finicky point, is developed with our plant modelers recently. In Lands Design plant database, now we have several plants with a special representation for modelling the vertical gardens.

Use the new filter in plant database called “with render for vertical garden”. You will find the plants with a special realistic representation for vertical garden. Such form of hanging plants, are quite different with the normal representation and we do consider this difference.

To design a vertical garden or green wall:

  1. Draw a vertical closed curve on some vertical surface.
  2. Select the Forest (_laForest) command from Lands Design toolbar, when the select plant dialogue opens, select your desired plant for vertical garden by filtering the plant database with the mentioned new filter.

Later on, you can click on the vertical garden and from Lands Design edit panel, add the number of plant species for that green wall to have a combination of different plants on the wall.

Vertical garden designed with plants with vertical representation recently provided by Lands Design

See this video to see how to create a vertical garden.