How to create a wildflower meadow?

Wildflowers provides a natural beauty aspect to your landscape. In general, a wide sunny space is the best place to create a wildflower meadow.

The great combination of plant species with different colors and textures attracts butterflies and bees to the garden. The ease of implementation and the low maintenance requirements of such wild landscapes are other reasons that can motivate you to add it to your landscaping projects. 

A wildflower meadow modelled with Lands Design created for Mediterranean climate by combining 8 plant species

In Lands Design there are hundreds of herbaceous and grasses that you can select from. In the plant database, you can apply filters to select the adequate plants considering your climate zone, soil type, flower color, etc. A wildflower meadow can be modelled with Lands Design easily by following these steps:

  • Apply the laforest command, select a plant species, enter a minimum distance between plants, specify a boundary and insert the forest.
  • Select the forest by clicking on its geometry, then in Lands Design edit panel> Combine elements, you can add the number of elements (species) to reach your desired diversity (4 elements as a minimum). On the upper part of the edit panel, you’ll see that the forest is divided into several groups of the same plant species. Select these groups one by one and assign them a different plant species.
  • If you are not happy with its random distribution, you can “redistribute” it from the corresponding option in edit panel> Forest (upper right side).
  • Finally, remember that you can modify the plant species combination, its distance and all aspects easily from the edit panel.
The final project of wildflower meadow: modelled with Lands Design, and rendered with Twinmotion

If you would like to know more about wildflower meadows and learn about the suitable plant species, read this article.