How to design a golf course?

Golf courses are favorite recreational sites with a wide diversity in their area and design. A standard golf course includes:

Teeing ground (tee box area), roughs and bounds, hazards such as lakes, ponds or rocks, sand bunker, fairway, putting green area, flag, and hole. 

Image: The Golf Club Barcelona, n.d.,

With Lands Design, you can design and model a golf course with all your desired features. 

Let’s look at how:

  1. To start designing a golf course you must have the site plan with elevation data. You convert it into a 3D terrain and then, you can indicate all grading operations to be performed on it. In order to have this 3D terrain, different elevation data could be introduced. Point clouds or topographic contours, for instance, could be used for this first phase. Once you import these topographical data files into Lands Design, they can be converted to 3D terrain. (Using the Import DEM command, Import GIS data, or terrain command). If you have no topographic data of the project site, you can easily import elevation data by indicating the location of the golf course on the map (Import Earth elevation data command).
  2. Then start designing on terrain. You can pick boundaries, modify contours, add contour, add holes and create divisions for bunkers and water hazards, all easily with corresponding Terrain tools of the program. 
  3. You can indicate different zones on the site and assign them a label, material and get the area of each zone. (Zonify command)
  4. All cut & fill operations and different zones you have created, are quantified automatically, thanks to the BIM features of the program.
  5. You produce a site plan and a dimension plan by using slope, dimension and all 2D features in Lands Design. In addition, you can enjoy all Rhino documentation tools for layouts preparation. 

Finally, you’ll have a 3D model, site plans in 2D, and the detailed quantity take off lists of terrain operations, different zones (surfaces), and vegetation. 

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