Lands Design for Rhino 7

Rhino 7 with its stunning features is coming soon! We, at Asuni, are pleased to announce that the new version of Lands Design (V. 5.3) is fully compatible with this pioneer version of Rhino. Try to render the project with its render and enjoy its connection with Rhino Inside Revit!

Lands Design 5.3 version has been just released and it works with Rhino 6 and 7. That means that it takes advantage of Rhino 7 new features, such as working with SubD geometry or running Lands Design inside Revit with Rhino Inside technology.

Check out what’s new in Lands Design 5.3 and get the latest version of Lands Design for Rhino.

View of the Rhino 7 interface with a park model created with Lands Design.