Lands Design Inside Revit

How to develop a Landscape project in Revit? Are you looking for a  powerful landscape design tool which works in Revit? Or are you interested in  an appropriate workflow with Revit? The good news is that now we have a solution with the evolution of Rhino 7. With some knowledge of Grasshopper, in Rhino 7 you can use Lands Design running inside Revit! Check out in this video the integration with Rhino Inside Revit.

Through the Revit plugin “Rhino Inside”, you can run Rhino and Lands Design from Revit. So, you can generate plants, terrains, and other Lands elements directly in Revit. Hence, this solution provides a great interoperability! For instance, you can design the landscape project in Lands Design (Rhino version), you work in the Rhino interface and you see the results in Revit! Thanks to the data conversion through Grasshopper.

Two 3D models of a terrain with trees, on the left Lands Design and on the right the same model in Revit to demonstrate the integrations between the two software.