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What is Lands Design?

Lands Design is a software product for designing gardens, green spaces, and landscapes that runs as a Rhino plug-in.

Lands Design is under development. We encourage you to participate in the development giving us feedback on your experience using the software. Any suggestion is welcome, as such as error reports.


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Materials applied to FENCES

Started by David Torrey de Frescheville. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez yesterday. 2 Replies

Hi Everyone - I am using both Flamingo nXt and VRAY. In either one I cannot assign a material to render to the POSTS or the PLANKS. Every time I assign a material to either the layer or the object the only thing effected are the SASHES. Does anyone…Continue

REQ terrain analysis (elevation, slope, viewshed) like rhinoterrain?

Started by Manuel A.. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez on Monday. 1 Reply

Hi!Thanks for this plugin.. is really great!I'm teaching and using "Lands Terrain Modeling" features as replace for Rhinoterrain Plugin, but i'm lacking some analysis options that offers Rhinoterrain like Elevation, Slope and Shedview.Is it posible…Continue

Plant schedule

Started by ckmok. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez Jul 22. 3 Replies

Hi everybody I just installed my Lands design plug in on few weeks ago. I want to produce plant schedules and top view of my designed plant. The quality of plant schedules published on your web site are what we want. (just like the attache file…Continue

Install Problems for Rhino 4.0 SR9

Started by Thomas McKenna. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez Jul 13. 3 Replies

Hi Guys, I am in a bit of a rush and cant seem to get Lands to install. I am running Rhino 4.0 SR9 and I have tried installing Lands Design several times with no luck. As soon as the install process starts i get the same error message which reads,…Continue


Started by David Torrey de Frescheville Jul 2. 0 Replies

Hi Ya'll,Does anyone know the fastest way to learn Lands Design for RHINO if you want to get going right away? I need to design a green neighborhood with a park in New York for a university project. And I don't know RHINO well either. I need to…Continue

Lands Design stop working after the installation of VisualARQ

Started by Jade Deng. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez May 25. 23 Replies

Seems like I cannot use lands design and visualARQ at the same time. After I install visualARQ, the lands commands are no longer avaliable. If I can use lands design, the visualARQ plugin stop working...Anyone can help with this issue?Continue

Converting Existing DTM to LandsDesign Terrain

Started by JCitizen May 22. 0 Replies

Is there a way to convert an existing TIN mesh into a LandsDesign terrain? I can recreate the terrain by extracting point data from the model, but when I recreate the mesh from the points. I loose any modifications made to the original mesh (i.e.…Continue

Smoothing Contours

Started by JCitizen May 22. 0 Replies

Is there any setting to control the smoothing of contour lines?Continue

Make2D command and lands

Started by Free Icarus. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez May 18. 1 Reply

Make2d command does not interpret, actually ignores models from rhinolands. Am i missing something?Continue

Scale groundcover

Started by Benjamin A. Velure. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez May 18. 1 Reply

Hi! The gras of my groundcover seem to be out of scale. Is there anyway to fix this?Also it would be great with some more alternatives for grass if it is possible to make this look more realistic. I still have not found a way to render realistic…Continue




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