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Lands Design is a software product for designing gardens, green spaces, and landscapes that runs as a Rhino plug-in.

Lands Design is under development. We encourage you to participate in the development giving us feedback on your experience using the software. Any suggestion is welcome, as such as error reports.


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vray for rhino: transparency map

Started by myoung kim 8 hours ago. 0 Replies

Hi, I saw one good post that deals with the transparency map issue in the Vray for Rhino. But, it did not suggest definite solution other than the work around with vray proxy. So I am posting the same question again hoping to see if there was any…Continue

Tags: white, tree, leave, rectangle, rendering

Start problems: _tbinit last WIP X version

Started by Emilio J. Pozzi. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez Jul 9. 3 Replies

Hello, I had alrady installed a previous version of land design wip When the period expired, I wait for the WIP X version. This morning I download and installed the last WIP X version and now I've this problem:Comando: _tbinit Tibidabo has failed…Continue

Trees appearing disconnected

Started by Andrew. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez Jul 8. 3 Replies

Hello :-)I am having some issues when rendering trees (the issue occurs on any tree, not one particular type). They appear as if disconnected from the trunk (image attached). This still happens when I delete the tree and place another one there in…Continue

Plant Database Locked?

Started by Vince Kirchner. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez Jul 1. 1 Reply

Albert,I have been able to go back into the existing plants that have been inserted and update the 2D symbols (crowns) to reflect different symbols that will be shown in the plant list. With the latest WIP I am no longer able to add new plants, was…Continue

Plant List with Custom Plants

Started by Vince Kirchner. Last reply by Vince Kirchner Jun 23. 14 Replies

Albert,Due to our previous conversations regarding the plant libraries, I needed to create several new species of plants to complete a design. During the creation process, I selected different 2D symbols to be used for each of the new species, this…Continue

Plant Library and Help Documents

Started by Vince Kirchner. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez Jun 13. 1 Reply

Albert,Would you be so kind as to explain your position on the following items.Help Documents1. When do you expect to include the help documents with the WIP?2. Could we have it sooner then later, this would allow the community to utilize the…Continue

Lands Design WIP X is on track

Started by Albert Rodríguez. Last reply by Albert Rodríguez Jun 6. 2 Replies

It will be released in a few days. Thanks for your patience to those of you whose last WIP has already expired!Continue

Lands Design WIP X

Started by Albert Rodríguez Jun 6. 0 Replies

A new WIP version is available for download.What's new:New mixed Mesh-Billboard display for realistic plants, to increase the frame rate. The user can configure how fast the meshes are going to be converted in billboards when their size on screen…Continue

Fruits and flowers anomalies in Maxwell Render

Started by gglo. Last reply by gglo Jun 3. 2 Replies

Hello. I am a new Land Design user trying to understand my mistakes rendering plants with fruits or flowers with Maxwell Render Plugin, unsuccessfully. It looks like some transformations do not happened: the Maxwell engine renders the Citrus Lemon…Continue

Latest WIP not working

Started by Andrew. Last reply by Andrew May 30. 2 Replies

I have some issues using the current WIP download. I uninstalled my current install of lands and downloaded the latest direct from the website (64bit version). It installs fine, but on opening says I have 0 days remaining and a popup box saying that…Continue




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