Lands Design 5.7, a version with major improvements in performance

Our essential pillar in the development strategy of Lands Design is to have a powerful landscape design software with high precision and fast performance. In that direction, we are constantly working to improve and to create new features of the software.

However, it is not always possible to maintain the quality and speed together. For instance, high quality plant models increase the file size. This resulted in a lower speed performance. Hence, you need to find a balance or to find an innovative solution.

Therefore, we defined performance improvement as an objective. We brought our entire development team together and took action. We have gained a detailed understanding of how the program is slowing down and why it is doing so. That allowed us to define the “big project”:

An overhaul of performance infrastructure

We spent several weeks looking at every possible solution. As we dug deeper, we found that one of the major problems is how the program deals with several definitions of the same plant species. This was particularly painful for projects presenting a great diversity of plants.

In general, we focused on improving the performance in many aspects: display speed, plant generation speed, file open speed, avoiding hangs, and avoiding having too complex geometry in the document, as well as minimizing the materials count. This leads to less RAM usage.

For instance, one of the differences you can see is “the reduced level of detail in the display”. However, it has no impact when you render the project.

After weeks of testing the program, finally we are convinced that the main structural performance issues have been resolved. Now that the bulky work is done, we are iterating with the Lands Design community to inform you about it. We’ll continue improving the program indefinitely.  

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