New residential project with a vertical forest

“Living In The Noom” designed by Sanzpont Arquitectura based in Mexico, is an incredible example of a sustainability approach in residential building design. The project tries to answer where would you like to live for the rest of your lives. And therefore, it shows what could be a residential building for the age of climate change.

It has a beautiful organic shape, covered with a bamboo frame and a vertical forest on the exterior facade. The project also includes a swimming pool in the middle, which is moderating summer heat, an amazing rooftop garden to enjoy the space and sunlight, and an urban farm.

The bioclimatic concept of the project consists of natural ventilation, solar panels, rainwater harvesting and some other strategies. All these characteristics qualify this innovation as an excellent example to be inspired for next-generation habitats.

Living The Noom by
Living The Noom Housing by Sanzpont Arquitectura, Mexico. 

The project won two 2 prestigious awards of the Architizer A+ in 2021.

Would you like to learn how to model a vertical garden like this project, with Lands Design?  Watch this video.