Seasonal change, seasonal scene in landscape!

Now it’s summer! Apart from the weather, is there anything else changing in your outdoor area? Let’s take a look at the seasonal change in landscape.

The design of a year-round park, garden or courtyard ensures that people will be surrounded by different landscapes. Vegetation as the living element of a landscape shows different colors and shapes during the year. The most attractive aspect, perhaps, is the blooming. Another event takes place during the fall: the leaves of deciduous trees turn many colors and some of them are wonderful! Even in winter, while there is less foliage, there are some plants blooming or germinating…

The seasonal change of a landscape, if stressed well with a specific design approach, can attract interest throughout the four seasons. For the most important aspect of such a design, choosing the right plant palette for an area is a key factor. You can choose the combination of perennials, deciduous, and a set of flowering plants for each season. You can play with seasonal change and place some attractive plants for each season.

In the Lands Design plant database, there are some filters that help you to create your own plant palette.


In addition, there is a handy slider in the program, that lets you switch between different seasons and watch how the landscape changes year-round. To know more about planting design tools in Lands Design look at this post